Studio CityGate

Studio CityGate is large complex in Anderlecht, currently undergoing development to become a new cultural hub in Brussels. Set to officially open later this year, Studio CityGate hosts other artistic studios, a skate park, bars and restaurants.

The Artist Commons currently have a dance studio rehearsal space on Level 3. Here, is the home to our Pro-training (daily morning professional classes) as well as movement workshops, voguing classes and more. Artist Common members frequent our CityGate Dance Studio rehearsal space to create their artistic work and undertake research.

Visit us at 152 Rue des Goujons, Anderlecht, 1070

Directions: Enter through the big gate, walk into the open area and then through the door located to the right of the big geometric painted wall. Turn right and walk through the door at the end of the corridor, go up the stairs to the third floor and through the door on your right. The studio is at the end of this corridor.


General information & membership enquires

+32 488 367 723


The a – C began in February 2016, representing a new initiative in creating a structure, commonification strategy and economy that mutually benefits the Commoners (members) and the artists involved.