#Whitenoise | Dalton Alexander

Performances : Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th December 2019

Exhibition : until the 15th of December

What the fuck is all this information doing to us?

#Whitenoise strives to collide nostalgia for the past with current American affairs. It is a form of protest against social media, its false sense of importance to the individual, but sweeping effect on the collective. It looks to the future that doesn’t look too bright.

I will explore the effect media – mainstream & social, and various modes of dispersement – has on my human body in relation to my forced return to the US from Europe. What becomes of a projected patriotism that is stomped on? Of a pride that has turned to disgust?

Dalton Alexander’s art “holds a mirror to help decipher complicated reactions and has the power to convert those reactions into action.”
Dalton Alexander. Movement artist. Activist. Being. Dalton creates contemporary dance performance work from an experiential practice, improvising to find subtlety and nuance and then embodying that with social concepts and mixing in sounds from everyday life. His training began at the University of New Mexico, continued in Tanzfabrik-Berlin, and landed in London at Laban where he performed works by Theo Clinkard, Ederson Ederson Rodrigues Xavier, and Dog Kennel Hill Project. Dalton has worked for punkkiCo and FACT/SF and currently dances with Margaret Jenkins Dance Company in San Francisco, CA.

#WHITENOISE (2019) | Official Trailer from Dalton Alexander on Vimeo.

Maker + Performer | Dalton Alexander
Dramaturg | María Sanchez Alonso
Sound | Original Design by Dalton Alexander, Mixing/Mastering by Aaron Gold
Lighting Design | Jessi Barber

Premiered August 9, 2019 in San Francisco, CA, USA

#Whitenoise at Cunst-link :
⏰December 4th and 5th at 20:30
💸Entrance : 5 to 10 euros (pay as you wish / cash only)
Reservation highly recommended (limited capacity) by sending an ✍ email to : cunst.link@artistcommons.net
Gates open at 20:00

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