Since the start of the a-C in February 2017, we have build up participation from 5 to 20 subscriptions, actually representing about 44 artists. Besides sharing workspaces, we are committed to foster a commonification strategy towards an economy wherein a mutual benefit for the commons and the artists are envisaged.

We’re inviting artists to engage with a multi-disciplinary commons, run by the diverse artists who use it, creating a self-sustaining model of inter-disciplinary collaboration.

With multiple artists we run the common spaces of (Brussels, Saint-Gilles) includes a gallery 30m2 and a few basic tools for making publications.

House VDH (Brussels, Bourse) includes an 60m2 atelier, a conference room, a 60m2 dance studio and accommodation.

Studio City Gate (Brussels, Anderlecht) includes a 115m2 dance studio.


Our actual aim is to scale the commons to average of 31 subscriptions for sharing these spaces, and/or activating the spaces for an equivalent of the cost of using these spaces.

In this sense, the fees* to the commons would amount per artist to 890 euro per year, payed at 75 euro/month, with a minimum subscription of three months.

Artist Commoners have 24h/7d access to the various areas to plan events, prepare a new work, teach a workshops or a class, host a performance evening, a festival, a reading,
throw a private party, launch a record label, etcetera.

Since we are currently inviting participants into the commons, it would be great if you might be joining this initiative, which represents a new move in the collective self-organization of artists’ spaces that could benefit the artists involved.

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* The artists can buy/sell/share/exchange
 space time among themselves within the commons.
1 subscription = 12 hours per space / month
Commons space/costs = 2,50 euro / hour
(calculation based on 12 hours per day. 30 days per month)