Questions & Answers

a common idea

The artist commons deals with the transition from public and private owned resources towards a common care of resources. We take silent, little and significant steps in the development of self-driven and artist-oriented workspaces in Brussels who are not committed to a ‘profile’, a clear ‘label’ or ‘benchmarking’ but with the development of a vital and powerful practice of art-making and art-sharing.

An artist commons provides for material and social support in the realization of the participants’ needs and desires within a self-directed, experimental, self-sufficient and non-exploitative framework. In reality, most situations can simply be addressed from person to person within the commons, practicing a self-organised form of a decentralised and robust network with a mutual care and responsibility in realising artistic activities in our common spaces.

What do we have in common?

To realize our wishes and to help each other in allowing the impossible to happen. Access to House VDH, City Gate, and Possibilities to, among others: self-organize activities, events, and so on.

How do we share the use of the common spaces?

Fair use policy: use it yourself and make it possible for others to use it. You receive access to the online planning and can reserve the common spaces. You receive a personal key to the spaces which can be accessed 24h/7d.

How will artists share the spaces?

In case of multiple bookings by artists in the commons, and if the demand exceeds the spaces available, we will need to negotiate within the commons how to create common access to other spaces through our personal networks and/or find other possibilities to share and make it possible to realise the artists’ needs and desires within the commons on a fair use basis.
With the current spaces available, a roughly estimated (12h/date * 30days) 360 hours per month is available in each space; thus 4320 hours per space – project space, studio space, gallery space – per year. In total 12960 hours use of space per year.

When did it start?

Beginning of 2017. The initiation of the commons was, as well as its continued existence is, dependent on there being enough artists (around 31 subscribers) and/or organizations in the commons.

How to take care of the common spaces?

You are personally responsible for the care, the maintenance and the cleaning of the spaces. You are personally responsible for the use of the equipment in the commons. The equipment and tools in the common spaces cannot be lent out to others outside the commons. If you damage something, you will need to fix it or ask for help from other persons in the commons to replace or repair any damage to the common properties.

How do we organize activities and events?

For events in the commons: use the planning to reserve the space and send an email to the persons you wish to invite.
For public events: you receive access to the website of the commons where you can create posts to announce your own activities and events. Once per month the commons sends out a public newsletter with the upcoming activities and event.

Can I invite others to collaborate with and/or organize something in the commons?

Yes, on the condition that you are present and personally responsible and/or insured for their activity in the commons.

Can I do business in the commons?

Yes, on the condition that the persons in the commons have the priority to participate, afterwards other persons can also join your activity. They can share the costs for buying material, food, drinks etc. You are personally responsible for any business activity you organize in the commons (non-profit, independent, etc)

How to join the commons?

Register as a subscriber and pay your fees (minimum subscription is 3 months)
After receiving your monthly or quarterly fee, a commoner will give you a pair of keys and guidance for the use of the spaces and tools for planning.

What is not allowed in the commons?

Activities which are unrelated to our associations goal. Exploitation in the sense of value extraction. Causing harm to other persons or things. Narrow mindedness. Illegal activities. Definitive or general judgements or statements. A violation on these terms will be addressed within the commons and might result to exclusion from the commons spaces and activities.

How to pay my yearly fees to the commons?

By bank transfer to:
Artist Commons F.V.
Rue de fierlant 99, Brussels 1190
Iban: BE56 5230 8064 7188
Bic: triobebb (xxx)

How to leave the commons?

At least one month (30 days) before you leave, send an email to with mentioning of your decision to leave the commons. Preferably, invite an other artist to the commons to replace you, but be aware that the commons is not obliged to accept the person you invited. You can also temporarily leave the commons for a while and join again later, if then there are still spaces available.