Our Story

The a – C began in February 2016, representing a new initiative in creating a structure, commonification strategy and economy that mutually benefits the Commoners (members) and the artists involved. Since that time we have expanded the number of members from 5 to 31.

a – C Charter

Purpose of the association

The association’s purpose is to: realise an artist community for the creation, education, research, presentation and dissemination of – the performing arts, contemporary art, music, design, trans-disciplinary, audiovisual and movement arts.


Its main activities are:

  • Developing a membership community for the benefit of artistic and cultural projects.
  • Making workspaces available for its members.
  • Organising and facilitating workshops, cultural events, presentations, concerts, expositions, publications, artistic researches, productions, creations and more.

The artist commons situates itself between institutional state and market oriented frameworks. We enable alternatives to the residency and subsidy policies which currently govern the artistic sector. Originating in a studio sharing system, this artist-managed platform allows us to take our own practices and the organization of work into our own hands, based on solidarity, fair use and shared investment. Not only does this format provide strength in numbers, it challenges artists to be critical about the conditions of possibility of their work as it foregrounds the productive machinery enabling a work to come into being. In our artistic research and our theoretical practice, it is this ‘invisible’ machinery which we are questioning, dismantling, customizing, hacking, transforming. Consequently, the artistic work is developed in the broader context of a self-understanding of what it means to be an artist today, in a rapidly changing global economic environment and its corresponding modes of production.


There are two distinct logics in the ongoing development of the artist commons, which continue to intersect with one another. We can also think of them as moments (logical as well as temporal) of a self-determining process. The first concerns conditions of possibility for the creation of art works, and our existence as physical performers. This is a system of resource sharing which extends the trend towards ‘co-working’, since artists divide costs of space and amenities as well as collectively curating the practices (workshops, training, events) necessary to inspire and stimulate them as artists. The second concerns the point where this very process of contextualization starts to become autonomous and self-relating. When this reflexivity is taken as an object of investigation, we act as researchers into the structure of commoning and its contingent modes of existence; the specificity of this structure in art objects and artistic practices.


As of March 2018, the Artist Commons is made up of around twenty-five members whose practices include dance, performance art, circus, music, yoga, writing, sculpture, critical theory, psychoanalysis, philosophy… from Belgium, France, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Italy, Sweden, United States of America, Australia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. 

Take a moment to explore the journey and people involve with the a – C below. Hover your cursor over a name, move them around or press play for an animated experience.



General information & membership enquires


Discuss ongoing development prospects set up by members with them before, after or while you make your donation to:

BE56 5230 8064 7188
with the label “donation – YOUR NAME”.


The a – C began in February 2016, representing a new initiative in creating a structure, commonification strategy and economy that mutually benefits the commons and the artists involved.