Mat Voorter // Flying The Plane By Fixing

Join Mat Voorter as he undertakes a creative research in breaking down and deconstructing a huge costume made of various clothing, created for the performance Fixing the Plane while Flying (2016).

He will be working at the Cunst-link Monday – Friday.
Join us for a sharing of the process on Friday 17.30- 19.00. There will be a bar and delicious food! Maybe even clothes to buy.

During the Summer 2016, Mat was asked (together with Sophia Rodriguez) to create a movement performance with teenagers of Theaterwerkplaats NEST, Antwerpen.

It was proposed to be a site-specific project in which the performance location was not decided. The costume was created as an option to define a performance space, allowing the performers could enter and interact with it.

For many weeks, Mat sewed a large number of old clothes, from morning to night in the Volksroom, finally creating a huge costume spanning 12 x 8 metres.

During the performance, the costume was hidden on the ceiling of the temporary theatre complex. Halfway though the piece it slowly came down on top of the teenagers, engulfing the space, while they kept in their club-dancing mode. In that moment the space was transformed into a visual world, with bodies becoming creatures or environmental landscapes, a jumble of limbs, colours, heads and fabric.

In October 2016, this object was on exhibition at Soul Week, Space Belgica. But this space has now closed and the costume will come to Cunst-link on Sunday to begin another transformation.

From the artist….


I love transformation ! It is for me key in performance work and costume making.

Monday 25 September – Re-creation time.
I will spread out the costume, review what it is and play with it during the day.
I will reflect on the process of creating this object and remember the inspiration it gave me and what possibilities I imagined during that time.

From Tuesday 26 – Friday 29 September – Deconstruction.
Cutting the costume and re-creating something else out of it. I have no plans yet, but will work on the spot according to what comes along. Cutting, sewing, knotting etc. It is my time. Will I return the clothing to their original state? Will I create new clothing or new costumes based on the principles of the creation time or will new ideas appear? Will I create objects that can be worn or object to be placed or used for other purposes? I don’t know yet. I will encounter the object and spent time with it and my sewing machine and my both hands and body playing with it.

These actions will happen in the gallery space of The New Space. The passersby during rush hours from 8.00 – 19.00 can witness me at work through the big “shop”-window. In case someone wants to come in, they can knock on the window and I can come to open the door.

Friday 29 September – Rounding off between 17.30 – 19.00
People can come to see what the huge costume has been transformed into. I might turn the place into a little shop for clothing, either high luxury design wear or trash second pieces. Or will it become another theatre space or kind of gallery with objects? I don’t know yet and I don’t need to know. You can come along and see what it will be on Friday. Maybe it will still be the same mountain of clothing as before, as I might only have been meditating on top of it. Or I might have cut it all up into small confetti.

The goal though is that the day after, I will have turned everything into something else and all the parts will find a new destination and the rest material will not anymore be stocked somewhere. A cleaning up, closure time.


Mat Voorter (1965), born in the Netherlands, has an on-going work relation with David Zambrano in studying, performing, costuming, organizing. With Thomas Hauert (ZOO) he performs in almost all creations from the start of ZOO and already before. Besides that he works since a few years with Anne-Lore Baeckeland on performances for/with children of various ages. Plus he creates as well costumes (among others for Les Slovaks and Zambrano).

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