Jacopo Pagin | Here on Earth

11-26 October 2019

Opening : Thursday, October 10th – 18:00 to 22:00

Performance : 19:30 – 20:30 with Sophie Melis & Chiara Monteverde

Here on Earth is a show by the artist Jacopo Pagin at Cunst-link. For the exhibition, the gallery space is turned into an environmental setting where the dancing movements of Sophie Melis and Chiara Monteverde, wearing costumes designed by the artist, transform the space for an hour-long performance. The soundtrack composed by Raskol’nikov marks the time of this immersive action and contributes with its dark presence to build a multi-sensorial landscape composed by bodies in motion, terrestrial sculptures and celestial paintings.

Jacopo Pagin’s work delves mainly into natural and spiritual topics. According to the artist, we have nowadays lost our relationship with nature and with our surroundings, to the point where we lose respect and empathy towards the ecosystem that surrounds us.

“If we stop seeing unity, everything becomes irreversible”. Here on Earth is an invitation to remember what and where we are, a show that utopically recalls the image of Sacred Time, the paradoxical aspects of a circular, reversible, recoverable and always regenerating time.”

Among natural wooden and ceramic sculptures set on the floor, Here on Earth presents two large paintings: “The Mind of the World” representing the sun, and “The Journey of the Unknown” representing the moon. The artist chose to represent the two cosmic objects we feel closest to, recalling their traditional aesthetic and considering the commercial and new-age roles that such elements have recently assumed.

Affirming the reality of his poetic vision through the orchestrations of different techniques and elements, Jacopo Pagin invites to understand the enormous responsibility each of us has on the cosmic plane and to see the earth and the universe as a real, living, sacred organism.

Jacopo Pagin is an Italian artist, his practice ranges from painting to performance. Together with Francesco Todescato he founded the music project Raskol’nikov. Today he lives and works in Brussels.

Sophie Melis is a Belgian dancer born in Liège. She studied dance and ballet from her childhood and danced in companies in France and Germany.

Chiara Monteverde is an Italian dancer born in 1990. She graduated in 2014 at the DanceHaus academy (Milan) directed by the Italian choreographer Susanna Beltrami which she worked with for some projects. She graduated also in History of Art at the Turin’s University. Now based in Brussels, she combines in her projects her interests for the different artistic disciplines.

The exhibition will be open on Sundays 14:00 – 18:00 and on appointment at

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Here on Earth, Jacopo Pagin, Photo credits : Silvia Cappellari


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