House VDH

The three floors above the well-known Bonnefooi bar, House VDH is home to a number inter-disciplinary a – C spaces. A smaller, wooden floored dance rehearsal space hosts a – C yoga classes and Capoeira. A conference room provides an ideal space for a – C  Common Theoretical Practice, a publishing space, library, and general meetings. The a – C meet the first Wednesday of every month at 19:00 at House VDH to meet new members, plan upcoming events and discuss everything commons.

Currently in construction, our dreams for House VDH include an atelier space for visual artists, or artists who require a more permanent work area. A kitchen, bar and roof top area will support future a – C events such as a studio showings, performances, yoga / dinner / sauna events, film festivals and more. What’s On this Month…

There will be three bedrooms for the a – C Art-bnb, a platform that helps to support visiting artists with affordable and central accomodation.

Visit us, we are above the bar Bonnefooi, Rue des Pierres 8, Brussels

Dance Studio
Dance Studio
Atelier Area (still under construction)

House VDH under construction…


Working together!