Unmasked Appropriation, Emmanuel Cortés : Closing & Artist Talk

Date(s) - 01.12.2019
14:00 - 18:00



Unmasked Appropriation, Emmanuel Cortés : Closing & Artist Talk

⎐ Opening hours : 14:00 to 18:00 ⎐

⎐ Talk : 16:00 ⎐

Emmanuel Cortés is an artist born in México City, raised in Chicago, now based in Brussels.
He works with found objects, lost material and the leftovers from commissions and custom made pieces. He is the product of a lower-class immigrant household, making art with free stuff.

The exhibition presents a group of work focusing on the portrait and what it has signified to humans historically and currently. It is the power of 500-year-old colonial iconography and the instant marvel of a selfie manifesting itself in the artwork of a Mexican-American immigrant working in Brussels. It is through these portraits that the artist explores the multiple aspects of his personal culture. A “culture” here is not a singular corpus that one belongs to or comes from, but the network composed of the connections between a person and their cultural influences.
The complex series of self-portraits allows you to enter into the world of the artist. The child of immigrants, an immigrant himself, a warrior, such as his ancestors fighting the first Spanish armadas, a simple man giving you the key to the features of his life that caused him pain in the western white patriarchal world we live in. Granting you access to his culture through the experience of a Mexican who was not Mexican enough for his heritage and not American enough for his peers.

Exhibition display : Investigations Géométriques

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