Date(s) - 25.11.2018
15:00 - 18:00


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The second edition of SKILL SHARE initiated by Engagement Arts:

hosted by Nelle Hens and Tessa Martin

Working within the field of art and dance, how can we remain involved, remain present, remain sane and healthy without crossing our personal boundaries?  What can we do for ourselves on a daily basis to take more care?

In this 3 hour platform the intention is to create a safe space for exploration into ‘self care’.  Listening to what the body tells us, creating accessibility, finding keys and the energy to turn them.

Nelle and Tessa will guide you through some of their personal generated tools and offer moments of silence, breath work.  Gentle, hands on and an open space for exchange!

The workshop will take place at Artist Commons (above Bonnefooi), Rue des Pierres 8, 1000 Brussels.

Free of charge, please confirm your presence by sending an email to Please note this is a womxn only event.

We look forward to welcoming you on the 25th!



Nelle Hens:

My experience is based in working in the field of burn-out and dealing with dis-ease. My personal journey is one of transformation and is the inspiration of my artistic practices. The outcome of a non-result based research was the development of tools for acceptance and strategies for psychological, emotional and physical self-reflection. Working from a purely artistic individual development to a broader collective socio-cultural engagement. At this moment I strongly focus on how we can work, and how we can work ‘together’. Happy to share my knowledge.

Nelle dances, creates and teaches. In 2015 she started a personal research called ‘ont-moet’, deepened herself in the Thomas Gordon Communication Training, personal effectiveness, and received in September 2016 a research grant from the Flemish Government. In 2015 she initiated together with writer and media artist An Mertens weekly meditation sessions and silent gatherings in Brussels, named SJFN. Nelle is a member of Artist Commons, #wetoomakemovement/ ENGAGEMENT  and is currently deepening her studies in Vijnana yoga and teaching. ‘Vijnana’ is when inner clarity is revealed through personal experience.

Tessa Martin:

I have experience with injury, rehabilitation, illness, and still it has taken me years to accept the consistent dysfunctions of my own body.  What I am still researching and eager to share/discuss in a workshop setting is making time, listening and finding practical daily solutions for the body’s needs.  I believe strongly in our supportive ENGAGEMENT community that meets regularly, and I believe that we all have a wealth of knowledge and experience that would be a waste not to share.  I look forward to hearing new and familiar voices in this workshop.
Tessa is a dancer/performer, a DeeJay, and a pilates teacher passionate about healing and rehabilitating through music and movement.  She gives regular workshops for adults called BALLET GOT SOUL that create awareness for pelvic stability & basic anatomy to improve posture, and a physical workout that challenge people physically in a safe fun environment.  Tessa is a member of ENGAGEMENT, a member of SHESAID BELGIUM.  Artistically she is interested in political comedic theatre and begins to concentrate on acting.  She continues to upskill as a DJ. She is always broadening her anatomy knowledge and is currently studying/practicing fascia connective tissue hydration for pain relief.

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