ne mosquito pas – workshop

Date(s) - 24.10.2019
17:00 - 19:00

Studio CityGate


ne mosquito pas - workshop

“If you at first don’t succeed, failure may be your style”

Quintin Crisp (the naked civil servant) 

ne mosquito pas is a platform for artists where we start from failed, unfinished, guilty pleasurable ideas from past performances. We try to make them worse by finding an entrance to perform them. 


It’s an exercise in creating imagination around loss and losership, alienation, impossibility, unattainability, unproductiveness, discovering our inner dweeb, to forget, to underachieve and to avoid mastery of meaning.  


This entrance you can find via exercices in good bad taste, training a maybe presence, (finding your own ornaments, side roles or extras), negative attitude, good bad storytelling, second hand body, e.a.


Apart from the exercices the workshop contains a lot of time to reflect together on your own personal sense of virtuosity en norms. Each one of us will work together-alone on a solo that we will perform after a while…


( !!! If you have: bring some notebooks from past artistic working processes you were in. You don’t have to be the author of these performances, all failure is welcome! )

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