I Cheated on You, Floida Skraqi

Date(s) - 11.10.2018 - 01.11.2018
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I Cheated on You, Floida Skraqi

Floida Skraqi, born in Albania, studied visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. She works through different practices such as performance, video and photography and her research is mainly anchored within social and cultural issues.

The works presented at Cunst-link investigate the boundaries and possibilities of different cultural backgrounds, and how our identity is structured in a globalized society.

For the occasion Floida Skraqi presents Zhurmë, a 8’37’’ long video created in 2015 during her residency in Tirana, Albania, and part of a wider artistic project that aims to point out a link between repressive or strong political systems (such as the late communist presence in Albania) and bodily movements.

The video shows children while they are brushing their hair. This simple, repetitive and at the same time intimate gesture is shown over and over again. These simple gestures are for the artist an important example of how our bodily movements are defined and influenced by the context of where we live and where we come from.

The repetition of the action and the lack of identity of the characters makes them become universal. In the words of the artist « I wanted to isolate these gestures in order to create a moment of a reflection, a breathing, a moment where we stop thinking by doing, because sometimes words are too much ».

However Floida Skraqi’s choice to work and film children is attracted to the assumption that children are still not completely « normalized » by society and their acts and habits can still be changed.

The silent video is put in « dialogue » with the sound of many electric toothbrushes, additionally echoing and questioning this link between repetition and assimilation.

The constant vibration of the toothbrushes becomes a « white sound » or completely assimilated as a normal and usual sound to become almost not non-audible.

The exhibition finally presents Playground a site-specific installation composed of a swing and its recorded sound. With this installation the artist refers to a theorywhich states that public playgrounds can be seen as a metaphor of control and power, where society attempts to control children’s freedom in public spaces.

I Cheated On You ultimately becomes a moment of reflection on the role of our cultural background within our identity; a narration of a breaking-up or a reconciliation with our origins and childhood.

Floida Skraqi (1989, Albania). Milan and Brussels based.
She attended her Master Degree in Visual Arts in the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan. Starting from 2007 she investigates the movement across several levels, around notions of practicality, representations and interventions. She attended workshops at the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, with the collective Stalker and more recently in La Bellone, Les Brigittines. She had the chance to perform for La Compagnie du Zerep ( All we need now is the orchestra, Kanal – Centre Pompidou, Brussels, 2018),
Simone Forti (To Play the Flute, Time After Time Space After Space, Furla Series #01, Museo Del Novecento, Milan, 2017), Jelili Atiku (“Mama Say Make I Dey Go, She Dey My Back”, 57th International Art Exhibition, Venice, 2017), Cie Willi Dorner (Bodies in Urban Spaces, Teatro a corte, Turin, 2016).
Her personal works has been exhibited in different venues such as Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, SE; Sofia Underground – International Performance Art Festival, Sofia, BG; The Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art, Brussels, BE; Parallel Project of Mediterranea 18 Young Artist Biennale, Tirana, AL; Deshmise dhe Kujteses Museum, Shkoder, AL.
She finds interest in the unconscious language of mutation given by time, how it is no longer about providing information but about depositing testimony. This status attracted her to work with children, people with Alzheimer’s disease and mental disorder.
Together with Rossana Bossini she is co-founder and co-director of the artistic collective Lie-Fi Palimpsest.

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Pictures by Fabiola Skraqi

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