Call for donations

Date(s) - 04.11.2018
07:00 - 12:00


Call for donations

Are you considering making a donation ? Before, after or even while you are using your smartphone to do it, meet Sophie, Manny, Stef, Chiara, Hugo, James, Nelle, me and hear more about the coming structural projects that need funding within the a-C. A good example is the building of a safe sundeck for our workspace at House VDH that was planned and executed during October. Artist Commons does not yet receive tax deductible donations. It is nevertheless already sensible to any tangible proof of support, such as a direct bank transfer of the amount of your choice. We’ll make our best to show our gratitude, so please label the transfer as ” YOUR NAME – donation” and send us a short email at the same time at with the subject « donation ». The receiving IBAN is BE56 5230 8064 7188. All the best, Thomas.


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General information & membership enquires


Discuss ongoing development prospects set up by members with them before, after or while you make your donation to:

BE56 5230 8064 7188
with the label “donation – YOUR NAME”.


The a – C began in February 2016, representing a new initiative in creating a structure, commonification strategy and economy that mutually benefits the commons and the artists involved.