Astro Dance

Date(s) - 17.10.2018
10:30 - 12:30

House VDH

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Astro Dance
– Experiencing your Astrological chart through movement –
Dive into an exploration of the qualities of the Personal Planets in your Natal Chart: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, through your own movement experience.
In Astrology the personal planets are the bodies orbiting the closest to our planet and are seen as the most influential agents on our personality.
Discover within you the power each planet represents and live the qualities of the Signs these planets are associated with.
Open yourself to the discovery of what these energies can reveal to you about yourself.
Journey through a somatic exploration to embody these elements of astrology and build up our physical understanding of their forces.
Through improvisation and the combination of these physical qualities we will develop a practice that opens new way for composition.
5 sessions of 2h every Wednesday from the New Moon of the 10th of October to the New Moon of the 7th November.
From 10h30 to 12h30 @ a – C Studio House VDH.
8 Rue des Pierres, 1000 Bruxelles
15€ per session / 70€ for 5 sessions
Please confirm your participation and share your birth information ( name, date, hour and  place of birth) to
about Hugo:
Hugo Mega is a Portuguese artist and yogi living in Brussels. From an early age, Hugo has been working and exploring his body’s physical capacities through dance and circus.
After finishing his circus studies he decided to explore yoga. What started as a nice way to stay in shape, became a passion. This changed his life and his perspective on the body.
In 2014, he started studying Dreaming, a dream therapy which uses imagery and visualization work that nourishes and inspires both his artistic work and his yoga teaching. At the same time he discovers the world of somatic research, diving head first into Fasciapulsology into Dance, Body Mind Centering and other approaches to explore somatic movement composition.
Over the past couple years, Hugo has also been facilitating energetic healing sessions, practicing Cosmic Healing with Sacred Chants and Dream Therapy.
In 2017 he embraced his passion for Astrology and begun studying with the Faculty of Astrology.
He sees through movement an opportunity to gather his different practices and studies to share with others new ways to become embodied, compassionate towards oneself and empowered through this body/soul connection.

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