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Day Dream Space is a project by Audrey Apers (Dancer & Maker) and Tim Scheffer (Installation Artist). It begins with a curiosity for ‘daydreaming’ and the translatability of this theme into an experience in image and movement. We are working together on an installation performance. Through continuous creative research we aim to further evolve this installation performance. We explore the boundary between inside and outside as well as meeting people in a closed but porous space that is occupied by the performer.

From May 31 – June 2, Audrey is opening the doors, to invite others into her creative process. She will be taking time  for exploration, talks, finding ideas, creating shapes, sounds, lights  and more. We aim to discover how we can open a whole world of creativity from a small seed; an initial image. We will take time to write and describe of our inner world through language. By sharing, we use each other as a source of inspiration and as a sounding board to find more depth. 

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Who can come?

The base of the work is  shared space. A shared space between performer and audience, aiming to immerse the audience into the world we are creating. The artistic process is therefore also rooted in meeting people and exchanging ideas in this way.

So, please feel invited to just pass by no matter what your work field or background is. I want to articulate that any contribution is valuable and welcome! If you can only make an hour of your time available or just want to look then just swing by Cunst-link. I am there everyday – May 31 and June 1 & 2, from 11h until 23h!

Please note Cunst-link will hold a second residency period for Day Dream Space  July 27 – 29, don’t forget to mark it in your calendars!


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