Alix Nicolas | Le Songe d’Octavien

September | 2018

Alix Nicolas’ practice delves into one pivotal medium: paper. Questioning paper as a material in itself, more than a mere support, she manages to transform it into sculptural forms and environmental elements. With Le Songe d’Octavien, Alix Nicolas adapts her work Papier, a series of environmental interventions consisting in wrapping surfaces with paper paste. For this exhibition, she decides to envelop not only the space but also the human body, collaborating with performers from the Artist Commons and together exploring the possible relationship between this material, the body and its movements.

Biography of the artist

Alix Nicolas studied drawing, serigraphy and illustration at ENSAV La Cambre and graduated in 2016. Alix Nicolas first used paper as a medium, as a surface on which, by the application of other lines and colors, and the using of various media (painting, drawing, serigraphy..) an artwork will emerge. Step by step, she interested to the paper as a material, as a possible way of expression in itself.

She took part to several collective exhibitions in Brussels with the collectif La Friche, for the Mediatine Price, in Gallery Nadine Feront, Maison du Peuple, and Micro Project(ion). She participated in the publication of artist books and art revues presented in the edition salon Ed.


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