Saturday 19th February 2022

curated by Petr Hošek

SHAME | rue de la Paille, 30 1000 Brussels

Cunst-link in cooperation with Hošek Contemporary present ‘body as prosthesis III’, a performative installation by Jonas Büßecker. The event is hosted by Shame Gallery in Brussels.

‘The body is not only an instrument for experiencing art; nor is it to be understood only as a pedestal or display of art; the body is a decisive point of reference and the access point to art; the body extends and completes art; the body is the prosthesis of art.’

With ‘body as prosthesis III’, Jonas Büßecker follows his current work concept and develops yet another version of the project, conceived and shown for the first time at Hošek Contemporary in Berlin during summer 2020. After a successful ‘landing’ of the project in Porto’s cultural and drag scene in autumn 2021, the performance will now be presented in Brussels.

In ‘body as prosthesis’, Büßecker makes his versatile textile and leather sculptures available as a kind of setting, completed by the human body and its movements. Like a scaffolding or a support, the bodies erect a system of tension; they extend the system and complete it. Rather than forming a scenography for the performance, Büßecker’s sculptural objects are supposed to be worn, used, stretched, explored and observed by the performers. The performative arrangement, set and directed by the artist, takes the drag performers out of their usual context, allowing them to express themselves in a different manner than they are used to.

Carrying their unique names and particular make-up, we see them as we usually would, however, since the orchestral soundtrack of the piece (originally composed by Finn Nel) keeps the drag queens completely silent, we as an audience also calm down in order to fully focus on the depth and particularity of Büßecker’s work and the strong expressive presence of the performers. 

The work focuses on the theme of boundary, both internal and external, sculpting moments of struggle that lead to an imminent overcoming of boundaries on several levels. The performers complete the complex reference system of Büßecker’s works, who is thus criticising common gender boundaries, transgressing them and uniting the creative power of the participants. With ‘body as prosthesis III’, Büßecker is making another attempt to engage with the supposedly foreign counterpart and to transcend linguistic and national boundaries by inviting performers from the queer and drag scene based in Brussels to become part of his work.

He believes that queer performative positions overpower boundaries and thus create a space of liberation and satisfaction. This potential for action both elongates and deconstructs his sculptural work. Through his work, the artist aims to construct a place of togetherness. 

In his work, Jonas Büßecker declines the aesthetic moment of tension with a selfevident like consistency. He is interested in the sphere of activity of this moment – the gap between space and body. Büßecker (born in 1990) lives and works in Berlin since 2016. Between 2011-2016 he studied art therapy in the south of Germany. 

Since 2017, he has been studying at UdK Berlin (Universität der Künste) in the class of Karsten Konrad. As a recipient of the Hanke-Förster-Preis 2019 and a finalist of Berlin Masters 2019, his work was showcased in various exhibitions at both national and international level, such as mala voadora (Porto, Portugal), Galerie Mazzoli, Hosek Contemporary, tête and Lost Art Festival (Berlin, Germany), Kunsthalle West (Lana, Italy) or Paduli near Naples, Italy. 

He addresses the dependence between space and body in large-scale installations and body-related sculptures. The situations he creates are based on a dialectical tension between two opposites: fragile and solid, soft and hard, light and heavy. Fragile, tender and soft fabrics such as feathers, yarn, or cushions encounter raw and severe concrete blocks, steel bars, and hooks. In those confrontations, habitual
power-dynamics are changing into their opposites.

Established by Petr Hošek in 2016, Hošek Contemporary is a gallery and art residency located on a historical cargo ship next to Fischerinsel in Mitte, Berlin. The gallery focuses primarily on site-specific pieces, performing arts and experimental sound works. During the spring and summer months, the gallery is hosting weekly improvised and experimental music installations, with local and international sound artists.

Avec le soutien de : Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Shame Gallery et Hosek Contemporary


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