The Artist Commons (a – C) is a membership based group of artists in Brussels.

It is a transdisciplinary artist-managed platform that aims to create a sustainable way to practise and make work by sharing working spaces. Within the a – C structure, artists have the opportunity to hold events, workshops, share their practice, present their work and contribute to the running of the a – C. The a – C has a responsive and malleable structure to meet its members’ needs. It aims to be an alternative to residency and subsidy based systems.

What we can do for you

We’re inviting artists to engage with a multi-disciplinary commons, run by the diverse artists who use it to create a self-sustaining model of inter-disciplinary collaboration. Membership in the Artist Commons is neutral, independent of any particular aesthetic, discipline, or personal identification.

Cunst-link Gallery

  • Brussels, Saint-Gilles
  • 30m2 art gallery
  • curated by the commoners

House VDH

  • Brussels, Bourse
  • 60m2 dance studio, a 60m2 atelier
  • publication tools and a library, and an artist hosting platform

Studio CityGate

  • Brussels, Anderlecht
  • 115m2 dance studio.

The artists can buy/sell/share/exchange
 space time among themselves within the commons.
1 subscription = 12 hours per space per month

For commoners additional space/costs = 2,50 euro / hour

(calculation based on 12 hours per day. 30 days per month)


General information & membership enquires

+32 488 367 723


The a – C began in February 2016, representing a new initiative in creating a structure, commonification strategy and economy that mutually benefits the commons and the artists involved.