A #

⎐ Research residency : December 2nd – December 21st ⎐ 
⎐ Opening: December 19th from 20:00 to 22:00 ⎐

A #
Transdisciplinairy artist Stef Meul presents a research on desire.

A # focuses on dialectical relations between intimacy, fragility, realness and fantasies of sex and success.

Stef Meul (°1983, Brussels, Belgium) makes transdisciplinary artworks. By applying a particular and metaphorical language his works engender intuitive associations – these rarely being conclusive. Play and cause of desire are important: during the artistic process, personal perception is affected and common objects transubstantiate.Through his artwork he cares about how life extends beyond its own subjective limits.

Stef often interstices a narration on the limitation of social identities and propagates the expansion of common knowledge resources: in order to challenge the binaries we continually generate between Self and Other – between our sense of human hybridisation and radical alterity.

By instigating spaces for performativity and a real intent for social choreographic fields, Stef Meul wants to enable the viewer’s knowledge of the coordinates of the narration of our common world. Art is to be able to be in touch with the work, as well to become interacting, loosing one’s distant safe stance.

Stef’s artworks are based on inspiring situations: reflecting a sensation of dogma’s and reversals, combined with subtle details of odd or eccentric, humour.


Performers : Sophie Melis, Stef Meul, Chiara Monteverde, Giulia Piana

Photo Credits : © Ioannis Pallas


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