Translatability, curated by Carole Lallemand


Translatability / Performative – Exhibition from Glassroom Productions on Vimeo.
Credits Video : Jose M. Montilla

Graphic Design | rtn

Curator | Carole Lallemand

Artists   | Sophie Melis, Maria Rodrigues, Alma Buholzer, Chiara Monteverde, Thomas Saulgrain, Mehdi Mojahid, Loïc Servat and Rosslyn Wythes.

Are movements speechless and silences static? Is improvisation inevitably ephemeral or could a choreography be transcribed in the future tense? This performative exhibition states that each encounter, either happening in a public open space or in the transitional space of the art room — simultaneously encoded and recorded on a score using its own linguistic system. Translatability experiments the subtle free-space between protocol and coincidence and allows interpretation to become the creative act itself


« Les mouvements sont-ils muets et les silences statiques ? L’improvisation est-elle inévitablement éphémère ou une chorégraphie pourrait-elle être transcrite au futur ? Cette exposition performative affirme que chaque rencontre, qu’elle se passe tant dans un espace public ouvert ou dans l’espace de transition de la salle d’art – deux espaces en constante conversation, pourrait être encodée et enregistrée simultanément sur une partition en utilisant son propre système linguistique. Translatability expérimente le subtil espace libre entre le protocole et la coïncidence et permet à l’interprétation de devenir l’acte créatif lui-même. »

June 12 – 14 | Translatability | Cunst-link

June 12 | 15.00 – 18.00

June 13 | 10.00 – 13.00

June 14| 15.00 – 18.00  | Finissage | 19.30 – 21.00

One performer walks in silence around the streets of Brussels searching for sounds. The steps of the itinerary during the three-day exhibition are written down on a map.
The sounds captured in the streets are simultaneously broadcasted by the speakers and circulate through the exhibition space.
One or two performers react in live to the sounds and interpret the silences and speeches from the streets into their personal performative language.
At the same time, building on a predefined graphic lexicon, one transcriber present inside the gallery translates the exhibition on a board under four different aspects: time, space, movement and the public.
Once such a translation is achieved, it is shown in the entrance corridor of the exhibition space as an archive.
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Gallery | Performances in the streets | Transcriber | Meeting Point for Performers in the Street
Tuesday | June 12
15-16h – Mehdi | Loic | Alma | Cunst-link
16-17h – Rosslyn | Loic | Carole | Place Jeux de Balle
17-18h – Chiara – Thomas | Sophie | Alma |Bourse (Steps)
Wednesday| June 13 
10-11h – Mehdi | Loic | Alma | Rue d’Artois 19, St-Antoine de Padoue
11-12h – Chiara | Sophie | Alma | BOZAR
12-13h – Thomas – Rosslyn | Loic | Carole | Proximus, De Brouckere
Thursday | June 14
15-16h – Thomas | Sophie | Carole | Palais de justice (Steps)
16-17h – Rosslyn | Loic | Carole | Palais de justice (Lookout)
17-18h – Sophie | Loic | Alma | Louise, ending at Cunst-link
19.30h-20.30h – Mehdi


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